** NexusPlayer & AndroidTV supported ! Play this awesome game on a big screen TV ^^ The next Generation of Mobile 3D Shooting Game is here !!! ExZeus2, sequel of the acclaimed fast paced 3D Shooting Game "ExZeus", finally comes to Android. STORY: 2217 CE. Over one century
  Extended controls is THE MUST HAVE APP for every Android user. It provides a totally customizable widgets, many advanced settings for any widget (more than 30 toggles each). Features: Custom backgrounds (you can choose from your gallery or download a set of backgrounds from the
 This simple widget shows current date: day of month,  day of week, month, year, week number. Simple and clean date display on your home screen. 
 Collect, create and share thousands of 80s buttons. Have fun. Express yourself! Collect, create and share thousands of 80s style buttons. Wear them proudly on your phone wallpaper. Send them to your friends. Have fun. Express yourself! This is the full version (without ads). Follow us
 Review gmail, SMS (+popup & reply option), missed calls, agenda, favorite widgets plus Reader, Facebook and/or Twitter options.  Executive Assistant provides an all-in-one interface for quickly reviewing your: + Email: any combination of GMail, Google Apps, or POP/IMAP accounts.
 A colorful world of Everlands has been invaded by dark and sinister forces. Animals of the land have to unite, combine the best of their abilities and together stand against the gre at threat casting shadow over their beloved homeland. Each animal has its unique features, strengths and
 Run for your life through colorful neon mazes, chased by countless and ever-vigilant security forces. Be creative - play stealthily to avoid encounters, prepare traps for your enemies or just rush as fast as you can right in front of their eyes. Figure out how to beat the system and
 European War (musket & artillery) is a new style strategy game for Android(like Risk). It takes you to battleground Europe during the eighteenth century and nineteenth century. In this game many tactics been used in order to defeat the other forces. You can select six empires: British,
 Text Encoder Pro  1.0 is a Communication app,developed by Qazi Musab.Text Encoder Pro 1.0 work with android 2.1 and up device. Ever needed to encrypt important messages like your credit card number, bank account information, or Social Security Number and couldn't?
 Enigmanoid is a Tool to manage and control a Enigma2 based SAT Receiver (Dreambox, VU+, Kathrein, Ipbox, QBox) V20110602: - fixes android:maxSdkVersion, Problems to find Enigmanoid in the market..... 
  Provides voice notifications for incoming callers, incoming SMS messages, new GMAIL messages and event reminders for your Google Calendar. * Talking caller id (once or loop) * Caller ID over call waiting * Reads your incoming SMS messages (Shake to stop reading). * Reads your messages a
 Email Type Mail introduces you to a form of blue mail you’ve never seen before. If you use a bunch of different email accounts, why waste your time cycling in between them all? With blue mail you can consolidate them all into one place and manage them with a wealth of tools and features.ALL
 Engadget brings you obsessive daily coverage on gadgets & consumer electronics.Engadget is the definitive source and final word for news on gadgets and technology. Engadget's team of expert editors and columnists cover the world of consumer electronics with unmatched passion and an
 Endomondo is the highest rated app of its kind on Android and ideal for running, cycling, walking and any other distance-based activity. Join 8.6 million users and start freeing your endorphins! This is the PRO version of the popular Endomondo Sports Tracker! - 
 We provide Encrypter Pro APK 1.0 file for Android 1.1 and up or Blackberry (BB10 OS) or Kindle Fire and many Android Phones such as Sumsung Galaxy, LG, Huawei and Moto. Encrypter Pro APK is a free Tools Apps. It's newest and latest version for Encrypter Pro APK is
 Requirements: all Android versions Overview: Electrum - Programmable drum machine Runs on ALL android devices, even the Galaxy tablet! Pattern-based music composition Use samples and loops to make beats and songs. WAV file import - Load YOUR OWN SAMPLES from
 Electrum Drum Machine/Sampler. Pattern based music composition. Programmable drum machine. GET free sound Paks from the market or from my website. Also see www.facebook.com/nikotwenty! ● WAV file import - Load YOUR OWN SAMPLES from SDCARD. Long press a sound button to bring up the sample
 Лови яйца! А также собирай золотые яйца и покупай за них усовершенствования в режиме Кампании. Играй в неограниченном режиме Мирового Чемпионата и займи свое место во Всемирной Таблице Лидеров!  Завоюй почетные награды, которые улучшат параметры твоей фермы и позволят повысить
  EBLUE Mouse Driver is a program which allows you to customize your mouse buttons. With this program the user can create up to 5 different profiles.  EBLUE Mouse Driver features:  - You can bind any button of your mouse.  - Interactive interface.  - You can reset any
 A must-have app for eBay Buyers and Sellers that makes it easy to browse, shop, sell and manage your eBay activity whenever and wherever you are!  NEW!! We’ve streamlined and improved the selling flow so it’s even easier and faster to list your stuff on eBay. If you haven’t listed
 Do you want to make money fast? Do you want to know: How to make easy bucks? How to make quick cash? Just by tapping on your phone? Then you have come to the right place. Benefits and features: Everybody wants quick cash, so we created Earn Extra Money, just
 Detect metal objects with your mobile the easy way ! A Keyring,the shrapnel in grandpas leg or the nipple piercing of your Boss. Find them now! smilethumbup Update 1.11 - lowered battery consumption * only works with ferromagnetic types of metal(iron,steel..) 
 FREE YOURSELF! Play the world famous Tetris® game you know and love with improved controls and all-new social features. CHECK OUT THESE RADICAL FEATURES: • MARATHON MODE – We’ve added all-new controls so you can stack like a pro. Choose between lightning fast One-Touch, classic
 The best dyno and drag racing app for Android! Dynomaster is a powerful dyno and drag racing app.•¼ Mile & Custom ETs •Sportsman,Pro •Data Replay•Power Calculator•Dyno Graphs•Satellite & Street View•G-Meter  •Google Earth, MSExcel•Time Slips on Facebook•Custom
 Make your home screen even better!! dxTop key advantages:* 5 screens in a diamond layout* Dial Bar for quick phone access* Recent Activity Widget* Supports MyBackupPro* System Tab for recent apps and clearing memory* Categorize applications* Theme support* Lock screen* 5 Transitions -
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